Spas increasingly used for its benefits

Who doesn't dream of diving into the hot water of a spa when coming home from work to relax and think about something else? But why do we want it so much? The therapeutic benefits of hot water have been known for hundreds or even thousands of years. Indeed, all ancient civilizations, like the Romans, used hot baths for their benefit. The hot water of our ancestors coupled with the massages provided by the bubbles and other hydro-massaging jets are very beneficial to our body and our mind. Let's see together why buy a jacuzzi for sale and what are the benefits of the spa?


Spas increasingly used for its benefits


Jacuzzi is attracting more and more enthusiasts, whether among hoteliers, to attract more customers, wellness institutes, high-level athletes or even individuals. Whether in France or around the world, resorting to a spa, whether for its therapeutic virtues or simply for relaxation, is increasingly sought after. Indeed, whether it is simply in a salon, or at home, more and more people are seduced by the benefits of spas, but what are they?

What is the profile of spa users?

Nearly 100 million people around the world regularly visit a spa, according to one study. So, is there a typical SPA user or purchaser profile? There was a trap! There is no real trend that emerges. Indeed, there are still 5 to 10 years of that the typical profile was the framework of 35 to 55 years for the friendly and relaxing side, and some seniors who wanted to pay attention to their health.

However, the emergence of inflatable spas, accessible for less than € 400, has called this into question and it is now impossible to identify a real trend. Indeed, when we analyze, in 2020, the professional social categories of spa users, their passions or their ages, we see that no trend stands out. Everyone is likely to be attracted to using or purchasing a spa.

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