Which spa will you choose?

What could be better than a spa for your moments of rest and relaxation. Well-being materials very popular at the moment, more and more people want to use them directly at home. There are many models on the market, there is something for every budget and every need. However, the choice can be difficult for those who do not know exactly what they are looking for. That is why in this article we will talk about the different spa models that exist and their respective characteristics.

The portable spa

It is a very practical, non-recessed spa that can be installed indoors or outdoors. Since this is an above-ground spa, you should always choose to place it on a very stable and straight ground. The installation will not require any work or development to do, you just need to place it not too far from a power source for it to operate.

Its portability is its main asset because it can be moved around at will, practical for example for people who move often or simply who wish to alternate outdoor spa and indoor spa during the year.

The built-in spa

Unlike the portable spa, the built-in spa cannot be moved. Moreover, it does not require any dressing and can be customized according to the size you want. For its installation, it will be necessary to choose a location and then proceed with the various installation work. Customizable at will, you can choose everything above according to your convenience, whether it is the shape, the material, whether it is above-ground, semi-recessed or fully recessed.

The overflow spa

The infinity spa is a luxurious spa that is based on an unusual aesthetic. As the name suggests, the principle behind this type of spa is that the water it contains can overflow over the sides. Of course, this type of spa is far from belonging to the range of inexpensive spas and jacuzzi for sale. The system is more specific, so the work will be much more expensive than on conventional spas.

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